Green Pets situated in the historically famous district of Kurunegala in Sri Lanka has a favorable physical and social environment, with an infrastructure suitable for cut foliage, cut flowers and rooted cuttings products. Most there export cut foliage products are provided form this district that has unlimited human resources for this industry. Therefore the main objective of our company is to enhance quality and quantity of small and medium scale cultivator products especially in Kurunegala and suburb. In this field is to provide ready markets for the products and to meet the technology requirements, agricultural equipment and organic fertilizer need and financial assistance to develop and improve the qualitative standards of the products of the small and medium scale of growers in the Kurunegala surrounding districts.
Product Range
Cut leaves, Cut plants, potted plants, Un rooted cuttings, Landscaping plants and fruits & Vegetables, Fresh water, Coir flower pots and Vases.
Agricultural machinery, Gardening equipments, Mother plants, Tissue culture products, Seed of flowers, fruits & vegetables.
Our quality products
Our quality products are grown under a tropical climate using natural organic fertilizer. The products are properly cleaned and hygienically packed to maintain its purest natural quality standard when it reaches you, and transported to the airport under continuous care. We take every care to supply you with products that meet the qualitative standards you require.
Time delivery
With our wide network we can provide our products according to your time requirements. We also have the ability to supply your needs through out the year without any delay.
Customer care
We always make a genuine effort to supply your requirements of products at competitive price to suit your market.
To be an internationally recognized mega export company in Sri Lanka by the year 2021 with the patronage of the majority of Sri Lankan Exporters.
Our mission is to help socio-economic development a small and medium scale export industry in Sri Lanka to develop environment, to develop their economical and social standards, to provide assistance, to develop a friendly environment and help to improve re-grow of destroyed flora and fauna in the country due to various human activity and thereby create eco-friendly environment to face the threat of global warming, That is affecting the wide word.
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